Multiculturalism Project Contract Signed
<< Povratak

On November 6, 2014 our school signed a contract with Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization from Novi Sad for the multiculturalism project, which we had been awarded in the open competition by the same organization. The school project, through which we will get to learn about customs and tradition of the peoples living in this area, about tolerance and coexistence at school and in the local community, was symbolically named ’Diversity Plants, Unity Builds’ (Različitost sadi, zajedništvo gradi). Apart from students and teachers, parents’ and local and cultural community, national community and associations’ representatives interested in preservation and safeguarding of tradition and customs will be involved in the project as well.

Apart from this, Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization (EHO) has been supporting various school projects which aim is mutual acceptance, understanding and starting various activities at schools for two years.