Digital Yearbook
    Professionals Day was held at Széchenyi István Primary School on Saturday, October 18, 2014. The teachers were a part of a great team, they played and learned that way about different techniques for making teaching material easier for students to understand through play and animation. Our school was the host for teachers, tutors and pedagogues from all over Serbia and the surrounding ... read more
    'Kiskondás' Puppet Play for Lower School Students ... read more
    On October 9, 2014 Széchenyi István Primary School  students visited sports and recreation center ’Bazen Prozivka’ and had a one-hour recreational swim with their peers. Willing to socialize, prove and affirm themselves, twenty four students, 18 fifth graders and 6 seventh graders, demonstrated their swimming abilities and enjoyed the active rest. The children satisfied their basic ... read more
    Széchenyi István Primary School  was awarded the 'Partnerschule' plaque at the German ambassador Heinz Wilhelm’s residence on Saturday, September 20, 2014. This means that our school is ’School: a partner for the future’ and a member of the network of schools which will have the German language certificate exams (Deutsches Sprachdiplom-DSD). Our students will have the opportunity ... read more
    Széchenyi István Primary School had a reception for the first graders before the school year start on September 1. Temporary principal Vesna Weiss, mayor of Subotica Jene Maglai and Livia Joo-Horti, the president of the Board of Education of the National Council of the Hungarian Ethnic Minority wished the first graders and their parents a happy first day of school and wished them to ... read more
    Institute for the Advancement of Education as one of the partners in ’Support for the development of human resources and research - general education and development of human resources’ IPA 011 project is the bearer of the activities in component 2: Education of teachers for using ICT in teaching. Component 2 has the purpose of strengthening teachers’ competences for the application of ... read more